Combat 1x1

The "1 by 1" Combat mode means that each combat is declared and resolved before moving on.  Units are placed in the attack and defend boxes according to their role in combat.  If a mistake is made and the player picked up a unit he doesn't wish to use in Combat, he must press the Release button above the Attack box.  This will place all the units currently being held back on the hexes they were on at the start of the combat mode.  Units may be picked up from either combat box, or anywhere else, but may only be put down in a combat box or by using the release button.

When all the units have been designated by placing them in the combat box, the player may resolve the combat by pressing the "Resolve" button above the Defend box.  This will generate a comment requester with the details of the combat and the subsequent die roll.  Players may not alter the die roll text, nor may they cancel out of the comment.  The combat result may be encrypted.

Copyright 2010, Sean Emerson

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