Combat Declaration

The Declare combat mode allows each combat to be declared first, before any resolution takes place.  This allows you to declare all combats before any resolution die rolls.

If the combat mode is "Declare",  press the "next"  button once all the units involved in a particular combat have been designated. Units in the combat boxes will be returned to their hexes, and a comment box will appear detailing the combat and clarifying that this is a combat declaration to be resolved later. 

Each unit assigned to a declared combat will receive a "D" flag after its name to indicate that it's part of a declared combat. A text field right below the hex names on the left of the screen will remind the player how many combats have been declared and are pending resolution.  A maximum of 120 combats may be declared this way. After 120 (what kind of game are you playing anyway?), you MUST resolve some before you can declare more.

A unit may only be assigned to one declared combat at a time, although it may be used in 1 by 1 combats while part of a pending declared combat.

One limitation to this method of declaring combat is that additional units may NOT be added in to the list of  combatants after the declaration is made.  For instance, if a defender chooses to add air support later to a combat, it would have to be noted in the comments manually, since  those air units wouldn't be reflected in the unit list shown by the program.

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