Die Roll

Since combat isn't the only time when you might be called on to throw a die during a game, you may generate a die roll at any time by pressing the "Die Roll" button at the top of the window.  This will open a comment box and record the result of the die roll. The number and sides of the dice are dependent on what was set from the Define Dice menu.

It's generally considered good manners to use a comment to declare what the die roll represents before doing it.  You can make this a default action from the preferences.   After the result is displayed, the user has the option to enter a comment before closing the dialog box.  To prevent selective cheating, the lines containing the die results cannot be edited . Likewise, the die roll comment itself cannot be canceled, and will be part of the replay.

The "Die Roll" function is not affected if you have selected no die rolls from the preferences requester.

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