Hidden ID

Some games may require that a unit's identity be hidden from your opponent until combat, even though the unit is visible, face down on the board.  You can support this capability with WGP's Hidden ID feature.

To hide a unit's Identification, pick up the units to be hidden, and press the toolbar button "Hide Unit ID". 

To use this function, your game must have the players identified by password, and the currently loaded game must have successfully identified you as a player (as a opposed to a Gamemaster or observer).

Hiding a unitís identity will have the following effects:

You see:

He sees:

Because of  WGP's powerful replay capabilities, itís possible to audit the moves in a game and track a unit's movement from the very start.  For this reason, it's wise to hide the identity of all the units which are applicable as one single stack, and then distribute them around the board.  This will prevent your opponent from being able to track a unit's movement and deduce it's identity.

You can always check your hidden units by saving the game and reloading it and giving a bogus password, which will log you on as an observer.  Then you will see your positions as your opponent sees them.

To reveal a hidden unit or units, simply pick up the units and press the "Unhide Units" toolbar button.  All the units you are currently carrying will be have their hidden status removed.

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