Loading a Game

Once you have loaded a module,  all the pieces for the game are located stacked in a single hex in the upper left corner of the play area.  Since this is a rather inconvenient way to start, you'll probably want to load a game file or a setup file.  A setup file is merely a saved game file that the designer of the module has provided, with all the pieces sorted out and placed in their at start positions.  Some modules come with more than one setup file, to provide setups for a variety of scenarios.

To load a saved game file, press the Load game toolbar button, or select the menu item:

At the file requester, select the desired file to load.

Many people organize their saved game files by using subdirectories in the savedgame folder.  You might want to have a separate folder for every game in progress, as well as a folder for your setup files.  Games with a lot of setup files might warrant their own folder for their files.

If your opponent has a different version of WGP than you do, you will be alerted when you load a game he saved.  This is not a fatal error!  It's merely an information alert, an advisory that one of you needs to upgrade his version of WGP.  Note that most default set-ups for game modules were created using earlier versions of WGP than is currently available, and so will also generate this alert.  If this annoys you, you can load the setup file, reset the playback recorder, and save it again with the same name.

Many module designers are never quite satisfied with their modules, and end up tweaking them ad infinitum.  This can result in you and your opponent having slightly different versions of the same module.  Since each module variation has a slightly different fingerprint, the program will alert you if you and your opponentís modules donít exactly match.  If you receive this message, you should make sure youíre both using the latest version of the module, to prevent any discrepancies.

If you're loading a file that your opponent sent to you, and it's your turn to move, it's good practice to immediately reset the recorder by pressing the circled X on the tool bar.  This keeps your opponent from having to sit through his previous move to get to yours during the replay.

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