Save as ASCII

You may be playing a game with some benighted person who refuses to use WGP for some reason.  You may still use WGP, and the program will print your moves and positions in plain English form that you can then send to your opponent, thus eliminating any error on your part and doing all the paperwork for you.

Select any of the "Save as ASCII" options to generate an ASCII text file with details about your move.  You may record the entire move since the last reset, with all the details about the exact movements of each unit and all your comments, or you may record only the current positions of each unit.  You may save positions either by the order the units appear in the Order of Battle, or sorted by position on the playing area.  You may also record only the comments made since the last reset, for the purposes of quoting them in other correspondence. Each line recorded will have a leading space, so that E-mail editors won't reformat the lines.

Before you save the file, you will be presented with a requester which will allow you to customize the format of the text file information you save.

Note that the save as ASCII function will ignore encrypted comments.

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