Starting WGP

When you first start the WarGame Processor, you have to tell the program which game module you want to load.  You'll be presented with a requester which  allows you to select from any of the game modules you've installed.

After selecting the module, you will see the map appear on the screen.  All of the units will be stacked in a single huge stack located in the upper left hex of the map.  This is pretty useless to start with, so you'll probably want to load a setup file or a game  in progress at this time.

Most modules model the board game and counters pretty closely.  You should check to see if the module had a readme text or module notes file, which may detail deviations the module designer took when designing the module.  Often module designers correct map errors which went into print on the original game.  Because there is no economic constraint on providing unit counters, many authors provide extra counters to cover eventualities which may have been poorly handled in the board game, or to provide for variants published after the original board game.

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