The Game Control Window

There's a floating Game Control window, which may be placed where ever you wish on the screen.  In the top of the Game Control window, you'll see a miniature map of your game, with a red square drawn over it.  The red square represents the area of the map visible in the main window.

As you move the mouse over the map, you'll see a text field in the Game control window which shows the name of the hex currently under the mouse at any given time.  This name may be a coordinate or name, or both, depending on how the module designer used it. 

If you click on a hex in the map, below the hex name you will be shown how many units are in the hex, and a presentation of the unit values for that stack.

Below that are individual unit buttons for each unit in the stack.  The button shows the name of the unit.  Beside it is the unit image.  There are unit flags, "C", "M", "H", and "h", showing the unit's status, whether it's moved, been in combat, or hidden.

If there are more than six units in the stack, the arrows above the units allows you to scroll through the stack.

Below the unit buttons are some play flow control buttons, used during movement and combat, and the Combat boxes, which are used to designate attackers and defender in a combat.

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