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***Version 4.15 now out!***


Can't find opponents for Third Reich?

Not enough room to set up your World in Flames maps?

All that play by mail paperwork got you down?

Does the cat keep wiping out your Russian Front?

The WarGame Processor will sweep all your board wargame worries away!

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"... if you use a Computer and enjoy board wargames, this program is an ABSOLUTE MUST! If I had known of the quality and the power of this program, and the incredible support Mr. Emerson willingly gives to a module designer, I would have bought the program a LONG time ago. If you haven't sent in your registration money, DO IT!!"--Mike Phebus, satisfied customer.

"I was so impressed by how closely the modules resembled the actual games, and how simple yet helpful the whole system was, that I went out and repurchased Russian Campaign, and won a used copy of War & Peace on an EBay auction. I'm awaiting delivery. I also lead in an auction for Victory in the Pacific and am considering getting Advanced Third Reich and Empire of the Rising Sun, neither of which I ever owned before, and perhaps repurchasing Anzio, to convert to a module one of these days." --Tony Arena

The WarGame Processor is a Play by Mail engine for playing the board Wargames popularized by the Late Great Avalon Hill Game Company. After I left school, I was forced to quit playing Wargames, not because I wanted to, but because it was too inconvenient. Trying to find someone who had the time to play -- and had that time at the same time I did -- was virtually impossible. I tried PBM, but found I was spending twice as long writing down what I did than I did doing it. And who has the space to leave a game set up for sometimes months on end without the cat or the kids bumping it?

I started playing with this idea in 1992. It's been through at least four major working incarnations, and dozens of false starts. Each time I had to learn a new programming language. Three of these were on the Amiga, and the latest addition is my debut into the Windows market and Visual C++.

The computer revolution has spawned a similar revolution in simulation conflict. Games can be far more complex, and the graphics and multimedia can flirt with realism. Too many game companies have run off the end of the earth with complexity without substance, leaving a bewildered player who's never really sure of what's going on. The biggest problem is that computer play is sterile. If you beat the computer, so what? It's just a machine. If the computer beats you, so what? It's programmed to do that. There's no emotional charge to it. But put another human at the receiving end (or the dispensing end, as it were), and the tension meter goes through the roof!

I've used WGP for nearly four years now, and have found that it's the best way to play these games. The replay function is almost just like playing face-to-face, except you're not under the time pressures. . . If you want to take 6 hours to ponder the Russian Front, do it! My play and enjoyment has improved, and I'm sure yours will, too!

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