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Below is a list of most of the existing modules for WGP. In the drop-down by each game is a list of registered WGP users who have agreed to be posted as opponents wanted. If you are on this list and don't wish to be, or if the data is inaccurate, please e-mail me. A Star in front of a name indicates the person who designed the module.


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Advanced Third Reich

Avalon Hill's Global War (A3R combined with EoRS)

Afrika Korps

Bar-Lev (GDW)

Barbarossa, Minsk'41 (EPOC games - Japanese)

Battle of the Bulge - 1981 edition (Avalon Hill)

Battle of the Bulge (EPOC games - Japanese)

Battle for Moscow

Bitter Woods, The Battle of the Bulge, Ardennes, 1944

Blue & Grey (TSR)

Breakout: Normandy


East Front

Empire of the Rising Sun

France 1940

Fire in the East

Fortress Europa

Frederick the Great

Guns of August

SPI's Global War

Japanese Task Force (Japanese Only)

The Longest Day (scenario 1)

Napoleon at Marengo (SPI), Napoleon in Italy, June 14, 1800

NATO: The Next War in Europe

Panzer Gruppe Guderian

Punic Wars

Red Star White Eagle

Revolt in the East

The Russian Campaign

Russo-Japanese War (Japanese only)


Squad Leader

Starship Troopers

Storm Over Arnhem

Third Reich, 4th Edition

Tigers in the Mist

Victory in the Pacific

War & Peace


War at Sea