Release History

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4.0  (11-23-03)preliminary Initial release of Phase 4

4.0  (11-26-03)Removed size limitations on comments, removed limitations on number of units which can engage in a single combat.  Corrected the odd bug with combat.  Since there was no general release, this version does not have an incremental number.

4.0 (11-27-03)  Corrected problem where very long hex names were not being read correctly from the load file.

4.0  (12-6-03)Fixed a couple of problems with the registration logic.  Added a feature to the editor where you can overlay the hex grid over the entire map with a single menu selection.

4.05  (12-6-03)Fixed problem in the menu logic where it would tell you that you weren't registered in the session in which you entered the key.

4.06 (1-25-04)  Fixed reported bugs:
   When using a map with vertical hex rows, the zoom feature would cause the right side of the screen to become inaccessible.
   Corrected error where the defender's hex was not being recorded in combat results
   Corrected problem where the "saved sorted positions" ASCII output was not working.

4.08 (2-8-04)
   Rewrote file handling in ASCII save to increase speed
   Corrected problems with zooms where units were not being placed in the right locations
   Corrected many problems with card decks (both in editor and player).

4.10 (6-3-04)
Corrected problem where units would mysteriously disappear if they engaged in combat in the same hex.
Corrected problem in the Editor with the Reverse F<>B button in the main window.

4.11 (11-5-04)
Another fix to try to cure the problem of mysteriously disappearing units.

4.12 (1-27-08)
Another fix to try to cure the problem of mysteriously disappearing units.

4.13 (2/9/08)
Fixed potential problem where a saved game loads an illegal facing condition on a unit, causing an abnormal unit image.

removed useless code from the combat result routine.

4.14 (2-21-10)
Fixed a problem with the interface, where the user could open multiple load/save dialogs by repeatedly hitting the load/save buttons

Fixed a problem with the replay where it wouldn't inform the player in the replay that a card had been discarded.

Added a prompt to let users know when a card has been successfully dealt to another player.

Fixed a problem where users could save a game with units in the combat designation boxes, thus royally messing up the stacking information.

Corrected a problem with the registration logic under Windows Vista/7, which involved completely redoing the registration logic.